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Did you work at the Lawrence Sheriff School in 2012? Do you have any information about the admissions issue in which the school refused to admit an Asian child? Do you have information on what happened, who was driving the course of conduct and who concealed and edited documents? If so, please make contact with us.

All past and present School Staff or School Governors are welcome to make contact with this site.



We would like opions on bullying generally at schools in the UK.

Has your child been bullied at School?

Has he been subject to physical assaults by other students, racial discrimination or insults?

Has you child been victimised? Has anyone refused to treat your child as they treat others?

How has the school handled this? Were you happy with the outcome or deeply annoyed with the school's conduct?

If a child assaults a teacher then he would be suspended pending an investigation and reported to the police.
If the same child assaulted a pupil the school will not immediately suspend the child and report him to the police.
What does this mean? A child has less rights and value than a teacher? Is a child entitled to the same protection as a teacher? Do you think the school's policy is acceptable?

Children have reported bullying to the school with little effective action. Children have even left the school due to the claims of bullying issues. Some parents believe the school is more interested in the image of the school than the pupils.

Schools have a statutory duty to ensure the safety of children:

a. the common law duty of care (loco parentis);

b. the statutory duty of care (The Children Act 1989 Section 3(5) ; and

c. the duty arising from the contract of employment (The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD)).

Whether your son was punched in the face, had his arm broken, was made fun of by the way he speaks or looks, or even the way he dresses get in touch and share your story in confidence.

Has the school threatened you with legal action for making complaints or even suggesting they speak to parents regarding their sons bullying your own son?

If you wish to initiate legal action against the school or even be involved in class action, for the benefit of the safety of children, feel free to contact us.

Send us your views on the leadership of the school, good or bad, we would like to hear both sides.

Children deserve to be educated in a safe environment with zero tolerance to bullying, assaults and violence.

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Please email us at the following address:  [email protected]

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