League Tables

2018: Lawrence Sheriff is is now one of the worst grammar schools in the region for progression (progress 8), achieving just 0.34.
SGGS: 0.75, K.E.S.0.68, Rugby High 0.5, Ashlawn 0.45, Alcester 0.31.

It is just 4th out of 6 for attainment 8 in the grammar schools (the exam factory stratgegy no longer works for league tables).

The school continues its decline in league tables. It cannot even boast progression compared to other  grammar schools in Warwickshire.

Lawrence Sheriff School plummets to 32 in the 2014 GSCE League tables. Changes in the League tables means it is harder to "play" the system by children sitting a high number of GCSEs.

From the 2014 tables only a pupil`s first attempt at a qualification is included for league tables, aiming to end the practice of schools repeatedly entering pupils for exams in order to could boost their ranking.

The list of qualifications included has also been restricted to those which the government says are of the highest, academic quality and the number of non-GCSEs counting has been capped at two.

The recognition of some popular unaccredited International GCSE qualifications have been phased out and no longer count for league table purposes.

In the past Lawrence Sheriff School has featured in the top 5 schools in GCSE League tables for a number of years.

One explanation is that the school the average child gains over 15 GCSE equivalents. It is hardly surprising that with such numbers a school would be top of League tables when most top schools enter children for 10-11. If one considered a core 10 GCSEs and the grades obtained, the picture appears radically different.  The ranking falls dramatically.

Using the fairer English Baccalaureate in 2013 only 75% of student achieved the English Baccalaureate by gaining GCSE passes in English, mathematics, science, history or geography, and a modern foreign language. In other words 25% of boys did not achieve the English Baccalaureate - they were not up to the mark.

Questions must be asked, if the average points scored of the boys is high, yet 25% of boys cannot achieve the English Baccalaureate, then what on earth is going on and whether league tables serve any useful purpose.

Compared to the national average the school does well.  But one must compare like with like, that is grammar school with grammar school and not all state schools. The school results are good, but not as outstanding as they may appear.

In 2014 the performance improved to a more respectable 99% on par with most grammar schools.

At `A` levels, the school plummets in tables, and the explanation is the school is no longer selective. Using this argument, the GCSE grades may be good because of the calibre of the intake and not so much as what the school does.


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